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The problem with most of today's out-of-the-box business solutions is that they force companies to adjust to the software. We don't work that way. We look at the entire process to design systems that fit into your existing environment so you can realize a greater return on investment.

By using a system developed specifically to integrate into your existing workflow, your company can increase efficiency, reduce costly and time-consuming errors, and have the system pay for itself.

Software Design, Development & Implementation

Your data is your business- whether you're keeping track of expenses, filling out work orders and job tickets, or maintaining a warehouse full of inventory, inaccurate data can cost you time, money, and materials that you might not have. In today's business environment, we're flooded with information on a daily basis- and how to leverage that information successfully is a constant question. Atek Soltions can help you answer that question.

We create software that multitasks- automatically generating reports, updating inventory, and writing up invoices as your employees perform their routine tasks, getting more work done with the same amount of effort. We start with the equipment and computer systems you already have, and work outward from there to deliver a solution that works with you.

Once installed, our software can be layered on top of your existing system for your convenience, used to make your existing programs work better in concert with one another, or even replace clunky software that's never worked for you. We design the software from scratch to solve the problems you really have.

System Integration & Consulting

We design systems that pay for themselves- we don't believe in making changes unless they're saving you time, money, materials, or manpower. And we don't believe in pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all systems, either. What we do believe in is helping you do your business the way you've always wanted to.

After all, your existing business represents possibly years worth of effort and financial investment to get you where you are today- and we're not about to come in and say that you need to throw away all of that investment. By focusing on measurable return-on-investment, we can take the parts of your workflow that aren't working, and make them work.

We leverage your existing technology, equipment, environment and personnel- using the tools you already have to get results. We can analyze your current system and figure out ways to increase your accuracy or efficiency, or to speed up the way you do business. By making only the changes that we have to, we minimize the disruption to your work during installation, decrease the amount of time your staff needs to get up to speed, and offer you a lower-cost solution over starting from scratch.

Web Applications

Companies need websites- and there are hundreds of books out there telling you how to make your website look good. But just as important as having a good-looking website is having a functional one. In the real world, corporations need a website that can interact with the systems they already have in place in their office- websites that their employees and customers can utilize to do business, answer questions, and generally make life easier for everyone.

That's where we come in: we can do a lot more for you than out-of-the-box providers. We can build you a catalog, give customers a way to register for your services, place and track orders, and interact with your company in a way that saves you time and money. We can also give your customers and employees ways to access your systems that they've never had before- employees can check inventory from their tablet at home, or customers can place orders online with their phone.

All of this we can design to integrate seamlessly with the back-end systems that you already have, giving you the extras you've been craving without having to sacrifice what you already have.

Warehouse Automation

Although we at Atek Solutions are fully capable of designing you a fantastic new automated warehouse system from the ground up— and we enjoy doing it—we often find that it's not really necessary.

Our warehouse automation experts can, instead, find ways to tweak your existing equipment so that it works how you've always wanted it to. Our control package can increase the speed at which you move your products through your warehouse- either making it so that you can fulfill more orders, or freeing up your staff to work on other projects with the time you've saved.

We can also create special modules that automatically sort inventory with a high degree of accuracy, quickly getting everything you've got to where it needs to be. We can create systems that automatically pick inventory as well, again saving you time.

With all of this high-speed automation, however, we haven't forgotten product safety- our systems are specifically designed to protect your inventory against loss or damage, so that not only does your product get to and from the loading dock quickly- it also gets there in good condition.